The use of medium intensity magnetic fields for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pathologies has been used and studied since the discovery of magnetism.

The magnetotherapy is applied in dysfunctions or injuries under two concepts relatively tested with a unipolar principle:

  1. The south pole as an analgesic.
  2. The north pole as an anti-inflammatory.

The magnetic fields used are of low intensity - more or less 100 to 500 Gauss - for prolonged times that vary from hours to days and in the zones with clinical symptomatology.

The Biomagnetic Pair is the use of a pair of magnets with mean intensities greater than 1000 Gauss, of opposite polarities to stabilize the pH of a zone and therefore the eradication of a defined pathogen. However, according to my most recent studies it has been found that the healing relationship is energetic, at a quantum level.

Chinese Massage

This type of massage is a combination of procedures that encompass a number of techniques including but not limited to massage, washa, suction cups, chiropraxis, digitopuncture, rotations and push ups, among others. Various styles like soft massage, rotations, spurs and deep tissue massage are combined.